6. Wooden Egg Competition

  1. Saturday 16 March. This special woodturning competition will be held as part of our 40Y celebrations. The closing date for entries is Saturday 16 March. The only specifications for entries are that they must be egg-shaped and made predominantly of wood. Incorporation of other materials is allowed.

Entries for the Wooden Egg Competition can be any size, solid or hollow, laminated, natural timber or decorated (pyrography, paint, carving etc). They can be stand-alone, or accompanied by an egg cup or purpose-built stand. The entries will be judged by all members attending the monthly Forum meeting on 16 March, led by a panel of 2-3 egg-spurts. Awards will be made on the basis of members’ comments (and voting if necessary). The number and type of awards will not be fixed in advance, but will be decided by those attending the judging forum on 16 March, depending on the number and range of entries. They may include awards for the largest egg, the smallest egg, innovative design, technical prowess, most unusual timber, natural timber beauty (most attractive egg without added decoration), best pyrography, best painted egg, best carved egg, best hollow egg, best laminated egg, best egg incorporating other materials, best egg-shaped lidded container, best egg with egg-cup combination, best egg with other stand design, best finish, encouragement award (limited to new members with limited woodturning experience), etc.


Awards and prizes will be presented on Tuesday 19 March, and Award-Winning entries will be displayed as a Special Exhibition during the Open Days on 23 and 24 March (4 weeks before Easter). Voting for the People’s Choice Award will take place during the Open Days, with the winner announced on Tuesday 26 March.


Pyrography Class

 Pyrography Group will meet in WSQ Hall this coming Monday, 20th August, from 9.00am until noon.

If you are interested in pyrography, please consider attending. 

No experience is necessary.

Macadamia Turning Project

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is investigating alternative uses for salvaged macadamia nut trees from orchards (see May edition of Turning Talk for more details). Last week, Gaz Hopewell and John Huth from DAF delivered a truckload of green macadamia logs to WSQ. There is plenty there for everyone! The pieces range in diameter from 100 to 250 mm, and from 600 to 1200 mm in length. The logs are stored under the workshop or outside under the back verandah. Some pieces have already been cut into blanks suitable for pens or knife handles (available in the Auditorium). All WSQ members are invited to take one or two (or more) pieces of the timber and to use at least some of it for turning one or more items that can be given to Gaz for him to photograph for his research report. Gaz has asked us to complete a simple survey form for each piece that we make for the project; hard copies of the survey form are available in the Library and an electronic copy is attached. Please complete a survey form for each piece that you produce for Gaz. Gaz has also provided pen and pencil kits, knife blades and other accessories that can be used in the project. They can be collected from the Library. If you would like to use any of these accessories, please sign the Inventory form when you take them so we can keep track of who has them. Completed items and Survey Forms must be retuned to WSQ on or before Tuesday 19 June, when Gaz will again visit the club to pick them up and to hear our feedback. Many thanks to those members who have already taken some of the timber and accessories and started working on the project.

Saturday Forum

Woodturning Discussion Forum

Discussion Topic “Christmas Ornaments”

Saturday 17 Nov 2018 0900 – 1200


Members who are interested in learning more about these topics from our experts, particularly new or newish members, are encouraged to attend.

Come along and bring one or more pieces that you have created. Share your thoughts on how they could be improved with others. Or maybe a project that is in the design stage that you would like to get some technical advice from other woodturners. 


 An entry fee of $5 includes morning tea.

If you’re not sure what happens at the Woodturning Discussion Forum, take a look at Maurie Page’s write up and photos in the December 2017 issue of Turning Talk, or ‘Presidential Words’ on page 1 of the February 2018 edition Turning Talk

Turning talk can be viewed on this website under Newsletter Heading


Woodturning Displays During Feb 2019

Brisbane Northside:    Kenmore
Brisbane Southside:    

Woodturning Displays During March 2019

Brisbane Northside:  Everton Park

Brisbane Southside:  Logan West